Fluffy French Bulldog: A Comprehensive Guide

Fluffy French Bulldog! With their squishy faces, happy dispositions, and fluffy coats, long-haired or fluffy French Bulldogs, also referred to as Fluffy Frenchies, are the epitome of cuteness. You will fall in love with these adorable puppies the moment you set eyes on them. But the most important question is whether they are a good fit for you.

It's essential to fully comprehend a furry friend before bringing them into your family in order to give them the best possible home.

And that's exactly how this article can help you. By the time you're done reading, you'll have all the knowledge required to choose whether these cute and fluffy angels should be adopted or bought into your family.

Fluffy Frenchies Throughout History

fluffy french bulldog

Frenchies, despite being called French Bulldogs, were actually developed in England. Here, miniature versions of the English Bulldog bred with Terriers and Pugs for their bat ears became companions rather than competitors.

They arrived in France when English lace workers who were travelling to France in search of employment brought their bulldogs with them. The lace makers settled in northern France, and the dogs quickly gained popularity and attention.

These would eventually fuel Parisians' desire to own a Frenchie. Owners of them drew in more customers for their companies. Even escorts are said to have been clamouring to handle them in order to gain more customers.

Fluffy French Bulldog Characteristics

The fluffy French Bulldog is distinguished by its soft, plush coat, which is without a doubt its most appealing quality.

The longer coat of the fluffy variety of French Bulldogs gives them a different look from the more common short-haired variety.

The colours and patterns of this coat variant range from traditional fawn and brindle to more unusual hues. 

Apart from their coat, these dogs are just as adorable as their short-haired counterparts.

Their distinctive and adorable appearance is attributed to the fluffy French bulldog's expressive eyes, perky ears, and trademark "bat ears." They are utterly endearing due to their small size, strong construction, and tail, which is frequently referred to as a "screwy tail."

Physical Description of a Fluffy French Bulldog

The physical description of a fluffy Frenchie is as follows:

. Length: 39cm
. Height: 10-13 inches
. Weight: 15-28 pounds
. Eye: Blueish to Brown
. Nose: Black
. Colour: Black, Blue, Brindle, Cream, Fawn, Merle, Tan
. Lifespan: 10-13 Years

Be cautious because merle colouring has been connected to a number of health problems. Additional French Bulldog colours include:

. Brindle pied

. Blue pied

. Reverse brindle

. Fawn

. Pied fawn

. Lilac

. Cream

. Fawn (black mask)

. Red Fawn

. Merle

. Blue

. Black and Tan.

Essential Tips for Caring Your Fluffy French Bulldog

A wonderful journey full of joy and company begins when you bring a fluffy French Bulldog into your home.

To ensure that these adorable and devoted dogs live long, healthy lives, careful attention is required. Here are some essential care instructions to make sure your fluffy French Bulldog thrives, regardless of whether you are an experienced dog owner or a novice:

1. Grooming:

. Brushing frequently - Fluffy French Bulldogs need to have their longer fur regularly brushed to avoid tangles and mats. To keep their coat looking great and reduce shedding, aim for brushing them a few times per week with a soft-bristle brush.

. Bathing - If necessary, give your fluffy Frenchie a bath every 4-6 weeks. To prevent skin problems brought on by moisture, wash your dog gently and make sure to completely dry their coat afterwards.

. Ears Also Deserve Love - Check their ears once a week for infections or an accumulation of excess wax. Use a cotton ball and an approved ear cleaner to gently clean their ears, being careful not to get anything too deep inside the ear canal.

2. Wrinkle and Skin Care:

. Wrinkle Care - Their endearing facial wrinkles can also collect dirt and moisture, which can cause skin issues. If there are any wrinkles, smooth them out with a damp cloth, but make sure to completely dry them to prevent causing irritation.

. Skin Care - Check their skin for signs of sensitivity, redness, or dryness. Visit the veterinarian for your four-legged friend's well-being if you notice any problems.

3. Nail Care:

To prevent overgrowth, trim their nails every two to four weeks. Long nails may be uncomfortable and restrict movement.

4. Dental Hygiene:

Use a toothbrush and toothpaste designed for dogs to brush their teeth on a regular basis. Preventing oral health issues and maintaining general health are both benefits of good dental care.

5. Love and Attention:

The most important piece of advice for caring for your fluffy French Bulldog is to show it lots of love. 

They value the company greatly and will show it in return by being steadfastly loyal and loving.

6. Socialization:

The Fluffy Frenchie is a wonderful family dog and is great with kids. This is a result of their consistent temperaments and readiness to play with kids. To prevent harm to either party, close supervision is necessary when a child and a dog are together.

Generally speaking, Frenchies are confident dogs who rarely show aggression. They won't fight other dogs unless they feel threatened, so this means. A dog's early socialisation helps to ensure that it knows how to act around people and other animals without becoming agitated.

7. Exercise:

Frenchies have low energy levels, so they only need moderate exercise. 

Their mental and physical health can be maintained with just one 30-minute walk and some additional playtime. Due to their short snouts, they are prone to overheating, so keep exercise sessions brief.

8. Nutrition:

Because of things like allergies and health conditions, what works for one Frenchie might not work for another.

For all healthy fluffy Frenchies, a high-protein diet (at least 25%) is the one thing that never changes. Balanced vitamins, minerals, fibre, and fats should also be included in proper dog food.

Food allergies are possible in Frenchies. If you suspect your dog may have allergies, talk to your veterinarian and look for high-quality foods free of fillers and animal byproducts to prevent allergy flare-ups.

9. Housing:

Due to their low energy requirements and excellent temperament, fluffy Frenchies are exceptional in small spaces. A 20 to 30-minute walk and some catch will quickly exhaust them and put them to sleep.

 They are the ideal dog for cities and apartments because they are quiet and do not bark frequently.

Health Issues With A Fluffy French Bulldog

This dog has a variety of health issues as a result of decades of selective breeding for extreme features like wrinkles and short snouts. 

The most significant medical issue that most Fluffy Frenchies face is breathing issues brought on by their short muzzles. They also have a number of mobility-related spinal, neck, and back problems.

Training And Temperament Of The Fluffy Frenchie

The cheerful personality of this dog will melt your heart, and their fluffy coat only adds to their cuteness.

Fluffy Frenchies are social, even-tempered, loving but alert, dogs that don't bark unless provoked, and they are also very affectionate.

These dogs are experts at detecting an individual's mood and reacting appropriately.

These are not the brightest puppies, though, and oftentimes there isn't a single thought behind those adorable, drooping eyes. Nevertheless, raising these puppies shouldn't be too challenging.

As a reward, give them their preferred treats or compliment them each time they follow instructions. When they are still young, active, and curious is the best time to train them.

Frenchies that are older can still be trained, but it will be more difficult. For a dog to behave well, early training and socialisation are essential.


The dog for companionship is the fluffy Frenchie, which is quite expensive to acquire and maintain. They satisfy every requirement for a companion dog that anyone could ask for. Walking a Frenchie would undoubtedly draw attention from everyone. Visit a reputable breeder to stay away from backyard breeders who are only interested in making a profit.

What 2 breeds make a fluffy Frenchie?

Breeders must combine two French bulldogs with the recessive gene Fibroblast growth factor 5 (FGF5) to create a fluffy Frenchie.

How much is a fluffy French bulldog?

A Fluffy French Bulldog costs about $3,500 on average. However, this figure can greatly vary depending on things like where you live, the breeder you buy from, and the puppy's colour and pattern.

What is a fluffy French bulldog breed?

A mixed breed is the fluffy French dog. They are thought to have originated as a result of crossbreeding between native French dogs and English Bulldogs. Despite not being an original breed, they are still less common than bulldogs of other breeds. They are pricey because they are sought after.

How long do fluffy Frenchies live?

The average lifespan of a fluffy frenchie is 11 to 14 years. Their lifespan is affected by things like diet, exercise, health problems, and other things.

Are fluffy Frenchie rare?

The gene that causes some people to have slightly longer, fluffier hair does exist, though. The French Bulldog population naturally possesses this gene, also referred to as the LH gene. Fluffy French Bulldogs are also uncommon, but it is still quite uncommon.

Do fluffy Frenchies shed?

For instance, it is actually believed that the medium-length coat of the Fluffy Frenchie breed. Therefore, they frequently shed more than necessary. Weather - French bulldogs grow and shed different coats throughout the year like most dogs do.

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